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Trevor is a Director at EvolvePlus Pty Ltd - a company providing leading edge web based library solutions to organisations across Australia.

Christmas Greetings to our Customers

Seasons Greetings!

We appreciate the continued support of our valued clients during 2015, and we look forward to being of service to you throughout 2016.

It has been exciting to see the continued growth in the number of organisations choosing our EvolvePlus People Counter Solutions - ranging from our wireless people counters through to our USB, display and micro people counters with web based statistical analysis. Stay tuned to our blog for exciting new People Counter, Library Technology and Online Community solutions that we will be releasing in 2016!

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Wireless People Counters for New Zealand

Wireless People Counters with integrated reporting application

EvolvePlus is pleased to announce that it's range of Wireless People Counters are now available for New Zealand. Whether for a Retail Shop in Auckland reporting on customer footfall by hour, a Wellington library identifying patron usage across branches or a South Island University determining room usage we offer affordable People Counting Solutions to suit Shopping Centres, Information Centres, Sporting Clubs, Art Galleries and more.

The beauty of the system is in its simplicity - the battery powered and completely wireless devices allow the units to be installed almost anywhere. The People Counter range include:

"PT Series" People Counters

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EvolvePlus releases SIP2 Support for VuFind

VuFind Patron Renew using SIP2

EvolvePlus has released VuFind SIP2 integration for our LMS drivers - providing a seamless experience for patrons to place holds, cancel holds, renew items all within the VuFind application.

The benefit of incorporating the above patron functionality is libraries no longer need to link from VuFind to their original LMS OPAC for processing reservations and renewals.  We have developed a separate SIP2Gateway web application that provides easier integration across library systems supporting the SIP2 standard without having to incorporate the SIP2 functions for every separate VuFind LMS driver.

For Amlib library customers it means that the VuFind Managed Services offered by EvolvePlus can completely replace the existing NetOpacs and OpenOPAC modules - providing library patrons with an enhanced discovery layer experience with an optimised mobile phone interface, whilst library staff can continue to use Amlib for cataloguing & circulation. Note: Amlib customers will require a valid license for the Amlib SIP2 Manager module to be able take advantage of the VuFind SIP2 connectivity.

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Enhancements to VuFind Discovery Layer for Amlib

The VuFind Discovery Layer enables libraries to provide patrons with a unique web 2.0 experience with a mobile phone interface often missing in traditional library system OPACs.

EvolvePlus develops a range of LMS drivers for real-time integration between VuFind and the library's LMS. One of the popular integrations  we have developed is between the Amlib library system and VuFind.

Based on customer feedback we continue to enhance the Amlib LMS driver for VuFind, and have recently released the following new features:

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Request Tracking & Knowledge Base Supports Two Way Email Integration

ResearchPlus, the web based Research Request Tracking & Knowledge Management solution provided by EvolvePlus, now supports two way email integration.

ResearchPlus streamlines your organisation's request tracking by turning email conversations into organised request/helpdesk tickets.

Automatically Route Incoming Emails into Request Tickets

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EvolvePlus ILS Version 2.2

Totals displayed for each tab

Version 2.2 features significant enhancements to the EvolvePlus ILS product with a range of new functionality and configuration options that make EvolvePlus ILS even easier to use.

Highlights of the version 2.2 enhancements and include:

Global Enhancements:

Enhanced Main Screen (Search Screen when first log into Evolve):

  • Can scroll "search results", with the "top menu" and "search options" on left remain on screen
  • New Export and Print option for search results
  • Improved User Interface
  • Improved sorting of search results
  • Add status filters to Holding search (e.g. Overdue items)

Record Details: each tab displays number of records (e.g. number of messages for patron)

Preferences for each module will display in a separate section of the configuration (e.g. Catalogue preferences now grouped together)

New "Action Review" screen - which shows patron memos due for action, reserves on shelf,
Hold shelf removes,

Authority Module

Can link authorities across different tags (e.g. author 100 marc tag authority can be shared for a 710 tag - so that it exists as a single authority)

Can create groups of authorities (e.g. configure 100 and 710 tags as an Author authority group)

Link Authorities ( see / see also equivalent )

Patron Module

Add "due date" to memos

Display patron photo (where photos are store in a web folder using a common "key" as the image name)

Bulk Patron Delete functionality:

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Come and visit us at ALIA Information Online 2013

EvolvePlus will be exhibiting at ALIA Information Online 2013 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th February 2013.

Visit us at Stand 79 to take a look at our extensive range of library technology products that we have available for 2013 including:

  • VuFind Open Source Discovery Layer and EvolvePlus Discovery Gateway
  • EvolvePlus ILS (Integrated Library System)
  • RF People Counters with Remote Data Viewing
  • ResearchPlus Knowledge and Request Management
  • Online Reading Record

ALIA Information Online is the premier event for information professionals in the Asia Pacific region and this conference features the theme of "be different. do different.".

We hope to see you in Brisbane!

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Wireless People Counters

EvolvePlus offers highly-accurate people counting solutions to gather valuable customer statistics - ranging from counting the volume of patrons entering the library, through to counting the number visitors entering the Council visitor centre.

The beauty of the system is in its simplicity - the battery powered and completely wireless units means no wires and allow the units to more installed almost anywhere since it doesn't need to be plugged into an electrical power point!

The RF Counters wireless transmit counting data to the Sensor Network Gateway with the web based statistical software displaying data from each location across different time intervals in table or graph format.

For more information visit our People Counters product page.

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Launch of EvolvePlus VuFind Manager Application

EvolvePlus VuFind Manager Comment Search

EvolvePlus has launched the VuFind Manager application for the VuFind Discovery Layer. The VuFind Manager application is an essential tool to assist authorised administrators to review patron comments and tags, and can be used to locate and remove offensive tags or comments from the VuFind Discovery Layer. It also enables authorised library staff to troubleshoot the VuFind account logins and the corresponding patron credentials from the source ILS.

Key features of the VuFind Discovery Layer are the integrated social features for Patrons to interact with the library catalogue, including:

  • Patrons add tags to Bibliographic records (folksonomy of descriptors or subject headings)
  • Patrons add comments to Bibliographic records (incorporating patron reviews and notes)

These tags and comments then become visible to the entire community using the VuFind Discovery Layer. The VuFind Manager application developed by EvolvePlus enables libraries to ensure that offensive tags or comments can be removed from their discovery layer.

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Version 1.3 of VuFind Discovery Layer Released

The latest version of the VuFind Discovery has been released with a range of significant enhancements:

  • New book bag feature for shopping-cart-style bulk actions (save, email, export multiple records)
  • New recommendation module plug-ins (visual timelines and Google Maps integration)
  • Enhanced RSS feeds that allow VuFind results to be easily shared with external services
  • Improved Syndetics integration

A key feature of the release is the new EvolvePlus theme designed using JQuery components and providing a fresh user interface experience for Patrons.

Customers with a valid EvolvePlus support agreement can Contact EvolvePlus to arrange for the installation/upgrade to Version 1.3 at no additional charge together with the new EvolvePlus theme.

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Epworth Healthcare selects EvolvePlus ILS

EvolvePlus ILS, a leading edge web based library solution, has been selected by Epworth HealthCare’s  Library Manager as its library management system to replace its current DB/TextWorks system.
Epworth HealthCare provides acute medical and surgical services, sub-acute care, diagnostics and rehabilitation to more than 114,000 in-patients annually. Epworth HealthCare doctors and staff work in partnership to provide care and services equal to the world’s best. Epworth recognises research and teaching as integral to achieving excellence in patient care and supports many projects across all areas of health.

EvolvePlus enables Epworth to implement an affordable solution based on the latest Web technologies. The flexible application framework of EvolvePlus allows Epworth HealthCare to customise the system to suit its unique library environment and integrate EvolvePlus with other Epworth applications and mobile devices.

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VuFind Discovery Layer Available from EvolvePlus

VuFind Example

VuFind Discovery Layer is available from EvolvePlus as a Managed Service.

EvolvePlus is pleased to announce that it is VuFind's commercial support provider to libraries throughout Australia. Our extensive range of VuFind services available to our customers include:

  • VuFind Managed Services Agreement with Customer Support & Helpdesk
  • VuFind Implementation, Configuration and Customisation
  • VuFind ILS Driver Configuration and Development (connecting VuFind to your existing library system)
  • VuFind Project Consulting

EvolvePlus provides libraries with the unique choice of retain its existing ILS and replace just the OPAC with EvolvePlus implementing the VuFind Discovery Layer as a managed service.

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Welcome to the launch of EvolvePlus

Welcome to the launch of EvolvePlus Pty Ltd.

The launch of our new company EvolvePlus heralds a new era for Australian libraries being able to choose a fully web based library solution which can be extensively customised to meet the needs of your library and your patrons.

The 'birth' of EvolvePlus Pty Ltd has been an exciting process for us - whilst we may appear to be a 'fledging' company our directors have extensive experience within Australian libraries, especially with implementing library solutions and migrating data from legacy systems.

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