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API for IoT People Counter Integration

A key feature of our EvolvePlus IoT People Counters solution is our IMMOTION software platform where data from our IoT traffic counters and devices are available from a unified dashboard & reporting platform. 

The platform enables organisations to analyse their people counter data using dashboards, reports and charts accessed via web browsers on desktops, tablets or smartphones. Users can filter by specific locations, positions, sensor and date/time periods ( hour, day, week, month, and year).

We also recognise the need for organisations to incorporate their people counter data into their Business Intelligence apps - so we make it easy for organisations to connect to the data platform using a range of APIs for your authorised BI apps to read the footfall data and incorporate in a combined dashboard. For example: Hourly People Count vs Sales, Hourly People Count vs Staff Rostering, etc.

The IMMOTION software platform is available in two editions:

  • On-premise: for installation on your own server or PC
  • Cloud: hosted on our cloud servers

Below is an example of the one of the APIs that you can use:

Request counter data with 15 minute intervals

Method: GET
Request: data/counter/quarter/{sensor_id}/{date_start}/{date_end}
Path Parameters:
- sensor_id (Sensor ID from which data is requested)
- date_start (Start date)
- date_end (End date)
Response: JSON

Contact EvolvePlus for more information on how you can integrate using our People Counter API.


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