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HoneyLibrary Print Management

Print Management
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HoneyLibrary is an integrated Print/Copy/Scan Management, PC Reservations and PC Control solution for libraries in Australia. 

HoneyLibrary components include:

HoneyCube Print/Copy Management Column

HoneyCube is a stylish print management column that controls local printers and multifunction devices (MFD) using an RFID or barcode scanner with integrated payment control and/or authentication. 

A print job sent from a networked public computer or wireless portable device will be placed into the print queue. The print job will only be released once the Patron’s library card is authenticated and there is enough library credit to pay for the prints.

Copying a document is possible when the Patron’s library card is authenticated and there is sufficient library credit to pay.

Scanning a document to print is possible when the Patron’s library card is authenticated and there is sufficient library credit to pay.


  • Controlling and releasing of MFDs
  • Authentication via RFID or Barcode Scanner
  • SIP2 and web services integration
  • Centralised payment account with LMS
  • Centralised management console 
  • Cloud printing
  • The print column support all printers and copiers
  • Optional contactless payment
  • Low voltage and energy efficient
  • Integration with Microsoft Identity Management
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Virtual print drivers
  • Optional smartphone app

HoneyCube Lite

HoneyCube Lite is a simplified version of the HoneyCube Print/Copy Management Column that is designed to perform a single task such as releasing print jobs or enable use of copy functions.

The HoneyCube Lite does not have a display - it is a small unobtrusive device placed next to the MFD with a RFID or Barcode Scanner. The HoneyCube Lite has recently been enhanced to allow configuration for photocopy management - the Patron can scan their library card and the HoneyCube Lite will allow the Patron to use the copy functions of the MFD and charges to be applied to their library account.

Integrated Payment with LMS

The HoneyLibrary Integrated Print & Reservations solution will allow seamless login using their library card and PIN to a PC Booking Session and document printing, as well as pay for services via pre-credit on their Patron account within the library management system. Where the library management system does not support charges applied to the library account using SIP2 then the optional HoneyLibrary POS (Point of Sale) application can be used to manage/store the Patron's print/copy management funds within HoneyLibrary.

Computer Management

The control and management of HoneyLibrary and the Internet PC applications is done in a web based management tool IMCER. It has several functionalities and a few of the management tasks that can be performed are:

  • Defining several different roles to users of IMCER
  • Creating maps of the digital environment, ensuring staff know which computer is where and used for what at any time.

Using these maps an library staff can execute control over all of the computers listed in the map. The staff can now perform several different actions with these computers, including: restarting the computer, exiting the computer, logging of users, overview with users, sending messages to users and changing the user profile of the computer. 

Client Software

The PC Client is equipped with a public portal with the libraries own corporate identity. After clicking on the login button visitors can log in with a library card number and personal pin code and the user is granted access to their myaccount page and have can find their previously saved documents that is only accessible from their library card.


The HoneyCube Print Column for MFDs and HoneyCube Lite Printer Device automates the release of Patron print jobs. The library card is used to authenticate the released print jobs and at the print column the user can choose to print or delete his print jobs.

Contact EvolvePlus for more information on how our integrated Print/Copy/Scan Management, PC Reservations and PC Control solution can work for your library.


EvolvePlus Clients

  • Hobart City Council
  • Australian National Maritime Museum
  • Kimberly Clark
  • UNSW Sydney
  • Parks Victoria
  • City Of Greater Geelong
  • Weber BBQ
  • City of Melton
  • Dubbo Regional Council
  • Hobsons Bay City Council
  • City of Kingston
  • Mornington Peninsula Shire
  • Wyndham City
  • City of Brimbank
  • Godiva Chocolate Australia

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