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Our People Counting System’s infrared technology offers a reliable, user-friendly and affordable people counting solution. The beauty of the system is in its simplicity - the battery powered and completely wireless devices allow the units to be installed almost anywhere. Our people counting packages are suitable for small and medium environments such as Retail Shops, Department Stores, Shopping Centres, Hotels & Clubs, Tourist Venues, Sporting Facilities, Museums, Libraries, Art Galleries, Universities, etc.

Whether you are looking for a Room Booking System or Event Calendar & Booking Solution or PC Management Software - Our Online Booking Software can provide a solution tailored to suit your requirements.

The Sensify solution aims to connect local community with groups, events, businesses, products and services as well as offering a platform for users to engage and connect with one another.

My Reading List is an efficient and effective web-based application designed to support your 2016/2017 Summer Reading Club program. My Reading List will save staff time, reduce paper wastage help boost participation via online registration and interaction. 

RefPlus can improve an organisation's knowledge & information service delivery. The intuitive web based interface provides rapid information discovery and simple processes for capturing requests. Importantly, RefPlus can save valuable time for staff with the live suggest feature displaying relevant articles from the KnowledgeBase helping avoid duplicate requests.

PD Manager is a web based application which has been specifically designed for schools. It's the easy way for you to keep track of all staff Professional Learning.

Our EvolvePlus integrated library solution (ILS) is a state of the art library management system that saves you time and money while making it easy to manage your entire library collection and circulation activities using a web browser. Carefully constructed to fit your everyday workflow, EvolvePlus quickly and easily handles your daily activities while freeing up staff to serve your patrons.

The VuFind Discovery Layer replaces all the traditional functionality of the OPAC catalogue and integrates it seamlessly with the kind of discovery and interactive experiences that library patrons experience daily elsewhere on the web. The impressive functionality of VuFind will make your library become the centre of how patrons find, manage, discuss, and engage with media content of all kinds in an increasingly electronic age.

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