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Overhead 3D People Counter Video

We have recently published a new video overview of the EvolvePlus Overhead 3D People Counter solution. It shows how the solution counts footfall traffic in different directions whilst using the onboard Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect adults & children (based on height range), exclude staff from counts and provide gender statistics.

Also highlighted in the video is the EvolvePlus Dashboard & Analytics platform, which delivers interactive web-based charts, dashboards and reports that can be exported in a variety of formats including Excel, CSV and Word.

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New Features for Occupancy App

We've recently enhanced our Occupancy application for the EvolvePlus Wireless Counters to provide an additional visual alert when displaying a live count of the number of people currently inside your building, which helps comply with COVID-19 social distancing regulations.

The Occupancy app has a new setting to provide a visual warning of when the occupancy is nearing the maximum occupancy threshold. The colours used in the display of the live count display are:

  • Green: when the current number of people inside is below the maximum or warning threshold
  • Orange: when the current occupancy is getting close to the maximum threshold
  • Red (with additional message & sound alert): when the current occupancy has reached the maximum threshold

The live count total is displayed on a responsive designed web page compatible with TV screens, desktops, tablets and smartphones that can be mounted at the entrance or accessed remotely by staff. The live count total constantly updates higher or lower depending on the number of people entering or leaving the various entrances.

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Occupancy Display People Counter

Versatile yet simple, the EvolvePlus Occupancy Display Counter is battery-powered and features a built-in LCD display. The discreet display enables easy data collection by displaying real-time count data showing separate directional counts and current number of people inside.

By means of advanced techniques and protocols, it is possible to detect the direction that a person walks through the horizontal beam emitted from the Transmitter. The two direction counts and total people inside calculation are clearly visible in real-time on the LCD display. 

Features include a 6-digit LCD display, integrated brackets for easy yet sturdy mounting, long battery life and reads through glass. The counters can be fitted on Anti-Shoplifting Gates without causing any interference or standard entrances up to 8 metres wide.

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Occupancy People Counters

Our Occupancy People Counter solution featuring the People Inside Web Application enables organisations to view the number of people currently inside a venue. This feature is ideal for venues that are required to monitor capacity numbers in real time to comply with government regulations, liquor licensing laws, venue capacity limits, etc.

We currently have customers utilising this solution to assist with their compliance with the limits on organised gatherings due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 (internal gatherings of fewer than 100 people or outdoor gatherings of fewer than 500 people).

Our wireless people counters record the number of people entering and exiting a venue and automatically send the data every minute to the IMMOTION Cloud. We also offer Instant People Counters that relay data in real time without any lag to ensure you’re getting accurate to-the-second visitor numbers.

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