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LoRaWAN People Counter Data Integration

Our battery-powered LoRaWAN People Counters offer a reliable, user-friendly, and affordable people counter solution that provides valuable insights and footfall traffic analytics to organisations. LoRaWAN is a Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) networking protocol designed to wirelessly connect battery operated IoT sensors over long distances.

One of the key features of our LoRaWAN People Counters is the choice to push the traffic data to either the EvolvePlus Reporting & Analytics platform or to your own reporting platform.

The following provides an example of how organisations can push JSON data from the LoRaWAN People Counters using HTTP Integration within The Things Network community edition. 

From the TTN (The Things Network) Console choose Applications


Select the Application (e.g. evolve)


Important: the handler of the application should be ttn-handler-asia-se

Choose Payload Formats

On the Payloads Formats page choose decoder

Then paste the contents of the supplied javascript "ttn-decoder.js" into the decoder section. This enables the data to be pushed to the API endpoint in JSON format.


On completion scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save

Then for the application choose Integrations

Select add integration


 From the list of integrations select HTTP Integration


Enter the required settings including:

  • Process ID
  • Access Key (select default from the list)
  • URL of the endpoint to receive the LoRaWAN data via HTTP Integration
  • Method (POST)
  • Custom Header Name of "application/json"

Then click Add Integration to save

That's it! Your API end-point should be ready to receive the data and utilise within your selected reporting and analytics platform.

For more information on our LoRaWAN People Counter solutions or to assist with your data integration contact EvolvePlus

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