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Comparison of Battery-Powered Wireless People Counters

EvolvePlus offers two models of battery-powered wireless people counters, each with its own advantages for different footfall-counting environments. Whilst both models feature the same sensor enclosure with horizontal infrared technology, they offer different data transmission methods, which enables customers to choose the model that best suits their environment.

The Wireless RF (Short Range) People Counter model can transmit count data every few seconds and is ideal for organisations that require live occupancy displays or self-hosted software. It features lights on the sensors to indicate successful data transmission and low battery.

The Gateway (SNG Hub) for the Wireless RF (Short Range) People Counter model needs to be located within 20 metres of the people counter sensors and offer ethernet network connectivity. It includes the reporting software for installation on your own PC/server or the option of the EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard.

The Wireless LoRaWAN (Long Range) People Counter model has the key feature of counting people at both indoor and outdoor entrances that may be located hundreds of metres from the LoRaWAN Gateway, with the data transmitted to the EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard every 30 minutes for analysis and reporting. 

The gateway offers ethernet, wi-fi and optional 4G network connectivity and is also available with an external long-range antenna. Organisations can also choose to use their own LoRaWAN IoT data platform instead of the EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard.

A quick comparison of key features for the battery-powered wireless people counters: 


Wireless RF
(Short Range)

Wireless LoRaWAN
(Long Range)

Sensor Mounting



Sensor Technology



Sensor Power Supply

AA Batteries (Alkaline)

AA Batteries (Lithium)

Bi-Directional Counting (In/Out)



Maximum Count Distance

6 to 8m

6 to 8m

Sensor Indicator Lights

Count confirmation
Gateway connectivity error
Low battery

Initial gateway connection

Sensor Data Transfer Method

RF (Short Range)

LoRaWAN (Long Range)

Data Transfer Frequency

Every few seconds

Often half hourly

Distance from Gateway

Up to 20m

> 100m

(depending on Gateway)

Gateway Network Connectivity

Optional 3G

Ethernet and Wi-Fi
Optional 4G

Reporting & Analytics

Optional EvolvePlus Cloud

EvolvePlus Cloud
Or Self-Hosted IoT Platform

Some of the facilities where the battery-powered People Counter sensors can be implemented include retail stores, libraries, galleries, meeting rooms, office buildings, parks, footpaths, sporting facilities, public toilets, cemeteries, information centres, and more. 

EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard Example

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