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Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Signage - IoT People Counters


For retailers and businesses alike, being able to separate your business from the marketing noise that surrounds us is the key to self-promotion. Digital signage is a versatile and effective means of self-promotion, but do you really know how effective your digital signage is? Is your message getting through to your audience or is your target audience engaging in your content? Measuring the success of digital signage is a painstaking task that without video tracking software or a physical interaction indicator is labour intensive and time-consuming.


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People Inside/Instant Receiver

People Inside


We’re all familiar with how traditional foot traffic analytics and semantics can be beneficial for rostering, store opening hours, understanding sales performance etc, but what if you’re a business that has strict patron occupancy regulations? Our People Inside Web Application and Instant People Counters have been designed just for this reason. 


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Robust Clear-View, LCD/USB 2-1 Solution

At EvolvePlus we are proud to introduce the new Clear-View Robust Cover with LCD/USB 2-in-1 People Counting solution. 


Our Robust USB Solution (see here) has been popular with organisations looking for a people counting solution that is going to be used outdoors or out in the open in a public space. We have had a number of existing installs in places such as public toilets, outdoor entrances/exits, footpaths, hiking trails, and campgrounds.

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Collecting Customer Feedback Just Got Easier

Do you hate receiving customer feedback survey emails or being asked to fill in customer surveys whilst in store? Well, you are not alone.  Not only does it become annoying for the consumer, it can also damage the consumer perception of the brand. It’s no secret that obtaining accurate consumer feedback is the greatest data asset a company can hope for. But how can you effectively do this  without making demands on consumer’s time and damaging the brands image? Well, at EvolvePlus, we have the answer.

Developed and manufactured in Europe, EvolvePlus has now taken stock of a new ‘Moodbox’ solution for businesses and organisations. Our new ‘Moodbox’ is an affordable, easy to install, battery powered device that will help collect valuable customer feedback. With customisable buttons, face plate and the choice to either mount the device on a free standing pole, wall or counter, the 'Moodbox' is adaptable to any environment.  In conjunction to collecting feedback, the ‘Moodbox’ also integrates with our wireless people counter solutions so that footfall traffic statistics and customer feedback can be compared and analysed using our centralised web dashboard.

The best thing about the ‘Moodbox’ is its ‘Anti-Spam’ functionality. The device can be programmed with a button delay which can stop customers from ‘button smashing’ false information and compromising the overall results.

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