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Proximity Sensors

Proximity Sensor
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Like to know how long and how often people are standing in front of a specific product in your shop or showroom? We offer a solution to detect the presence of people and measure their proximity relative to a specific object. The measurement indicates the number of people that have moved close to a certain object and how long have they remained in that particular area. This information is sent to a local or remote database and can be viewed in table or graph form. Additionally, the data can be exported as a CSV file to be opened in other applications, such as Microsoft Excel®, for further analysis. Information collected by Proximity Sensors can be used to optimize the store layout by determining which products attract the greatest attention.

Preset detection lengths (request at the time of ordering)

  • 30 cm - will detect people presence anywhere between 1 cm and 30 cm
  • 50 cm - will detect people presence anywhere between 1 cm and 50 cm
  • 70 cm - will detect people presence anywhere between 1 cm and 70 cm

 General Features

  • Easy installation
  • AC power supply
  • Can detect people up to 70 cm away from product
  • European designed and built
  • Exceptional after sales support
  • 1 Year Warranty

The data can be viewed and analyzed in table or graph form. The Proximity Sensor will record how often (blue bar graph) and how long people stand directly in front of the object (orange line graph - total time in seconds).

Package Features

Proximity Sensor

Proximity Sensor

Proximity Sensor

Our Proximity Sensor device is designed specifically to detect people’s interest in products, displays, etc. It uses an infrared beam projecting out up to 700 mm. The proximity sensor is discreetly mounted directly beneath an object, sale item, display or interactive information pc and records the popularity of the target item.

The captured people interest count data is automatically relayed wirelessly from Proximity Sensor to the Ethernet Network Gateway device (SNG10E) or 3G Gateway device (SNG103G)

Sensor Network Gateway

Sensor Network Gateway

The Sensor Network Gateway (SNG) wirelessly communicates with the people counting sensors to receive the latest, up to date, count data from one or more entrances within a 30 metre radius. Once received, the count data is automatically sent at regular intervals to the SensorServer™ software where the count data can be viewed/exported by hour/day/week/month year totals.

The Sensor Network Gateway is available in two editions:

Ethernet (SNG10E) Edition

SNG10EThe Ethernet edition (SNG10E) is designed to connect directly into your local network via an Ethernet cable. The SNG10E is ideal for situations where there are Ethernet ports available within a 30 metre range of the entrance where the doorway sensors are installed. This device is able to collect count data from up to 10 door counters/entrances within a 30 metre radius.

3G (SNG3G) Edition

SNG3GThe 3G Edition (SNG3G) utilises a cellular 3G connection to communicate through to the SensorServer™ software. The SNG3G is ideal for situations where there is no Ethernet ports available near the people counting sensors. This device is able to collect count data from up to 10 door counters/entrances within a 30 metre radius. The SNG3G requires a full size 3G SIM (not included) and has been tested with the Telstra 3G Mobile Data SIM - please contact us if you would like us to test with an alternative Australian 3G carrier.

To use the SNG3G you will also need to be ensure that the server you install SensorServer™ software onto is externally accessible over the internet.

SensorServer™ Software

SensorServer™ Software

Our SensorServer™ software allows users to analyse count data by hour, day, week, month, and year in table or graph form. The Proximity Sensor output will show how often and how long people stand directly in front of the target object.

The SensorServer™ software/database is optimised to handle multiple sensors for easy viewing and overall analysis. The SensorServer™ software/database is scalable and the modular design of our solution means that you can "mix and match" the Proximity Sensors with our Infrared Door Sensors and/or Thermal Overhead Sensors with the data reports accessible from a centralised web portal.

SensorServer™ Video Overview

Optional Extras

Wireless Range Extender

Range Extender for Proximity Sensors

wireless range extender

The Range Extender increases the wireless range between a Proximity Sensor and the Sensor Network that it is connecting to.

With a wireless Proximity Sensor (Network) the Sensor Network Gateway device captures the counting data from one or multiple Proximity Sensors and uploads it to a local or remote server every minute. This requires the Sensor Network Gateway to be located anywhere within a range of up to 30 metres (unobstructed) from the Proximity Sensors. Implementing the Range Extender effectively increases the range between the Sensor Network Gateway device and a single Proximity Sensor by up to a further 30 metre range.

The Range Extender has been designed for ease of installation: when a SNG device is found the LEDs display the signal strength of the detected device. We recommend the Range Extender is installed in a high position to improve the wireless signal via line of sight.

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SensorServer™ Cloud Hosting

EvolvePlus provides SensorServer™ on a hosted turnkey cloud solution, leaving you free to focus on what you do best without the burden of ensuring the SensorServer™ application is stable, maintained, and secure.

Our cloud solution is run on Amazon's secure and scalable AWS platform based out of Sydney Australia for optimal speed and performance.

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EvolvePlus Clients

  • Hobart City Council
  • Australian National Maritime Museum
  • Kimberly Clark
  • UNSW Sydney
  • Parks Victoria
  • City Of Greater Geelong
  • Weber BBQ
  • City of Melton
  • Dubbo Regional Council
  • Hobsons Bay City Council
  • City of Kingston
  • Mornington Peninsula Shire
  • Wyndham City
  • City of Brimbank
  • Godiva Chocolate Australia

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