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SurveyPlus Community Survey App

Online Surveys & Questionnaires

Responsive Design SurveysSurveyPlus is a fully managed community survey web app that automates online surveys & questionnaires for your community, library members, visitors, ratepayers, staff, job applicants and more.

Importantly, SurveyPlus is delivered via our Australian cloud infrastructure, to ensure the privacy and security of your community's survey results and assist with compliance to your statutory obligations.

Some examples of how SurveyPlus can be used:

  • Library satisfaction surveys
  • Community budget priorities and sentiment surveys
  • Community satisfaction surveys
  • HR job applicant pre-qualification questionnaires 
  • Psychological tests
  • Needs assessment surveys
  • Training assessment reviews

plus much more!


Key Features

Some of the key features SurveyPlus include:

  • Simple single choice questions as well as sophisticated multiple choice and file uploads
  • Survey answer logic using conditions and branching - i.e. shows questions based on response to previous questions
  • Comprehensive statistical analysis and detailed reports
  • Multi-format exports
  • Easy HTML-editing of your content
  • Anonymous participants
  • Creation of both public and private surveys
  • Custom templates and branding
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited surveys (within storage limits)
  • Privacy compliance with application hosted from our Australian cloud infrastructure


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